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High Mountain Lodge
PO Box 1888
Winter Park, CO 80482

425 County Road 5001
Winter Park, CO 80482

High Mountain Lodge, Inc.

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This is the place to investigate the buildings, grounds, and surroundings of the High Mountain Lodge.

We will periodically post galleries of pictures. After you have stayed with us, don't hesitate to send us your pictures to help us make the memories of your stay even brighter.

Hummingbird Video taken
the summer of 2013

About the pictures

People who create art--including taking photographs--own all the rights to their work. If you see an image that you would like to use commercially (i.e., make money using the image), contact us and we will put you in touch with the copyright owner to sell you a high-resolution copy of the image.

If you want to use it for a non-commercial use--i.e. a review of our lodge telling your audience how wonderful we are--then no permission is needed; that comes under fair use.

However, we would be grateful for attribution for any fair-use of images you find on this page.

For guests submitting picures of their stay with us: we are grateful that you are willing to share your pictures. Please realize that we may use them in marketing our business, including posting them on our website or using them in print materials. If you are uncomfortable with that sort of use, please do not send us your images. That being said, we will be diligent in giving you attribution for any pictures you send us.

We've added pictures from early summer.

Julie and Suede
Meet the newest resident at the High Mountain Lodge: Suede, the Rocky Mountain Horse

Rainbow and Aspen Color
Aspen color, September 2010

bass on deck of HML
Misc. pictures from
the summer of 2010

Early summer,2010, including a moose in a neighbor's yard

Now that the snow and cold have caused all the aspen leaves to fall, we thought we'd post some pictures we took earlier to help us remember how beautiful the changing seasons are.

The High Mountain Lodge Welcome Bear is gearing up for the winter, and so should you by making plans to stay with us.

Check out some "early snow" pictures from early October, 2009.

HML guest John Schmidt's awesome flower pictures

The lounge off the dining room at the High Mountain Lodge.

Weather and scenic pictures at the High Mountain Lodge

Murphy the Lodge Dog

Landscape images at the High Mountain Lodge

Exterior views of the High Mountain Lodge

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