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High Mountain Lodge
PO Box 1888
Winter Park, CO 80482

425 County Road 5001
Winter Park, CO 80482

High Mountain Lodge, Inc.

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The pool atrium at the High Mountain Lodge is a wonderful place to have a change of pace after a day in the mountains. So that all of our guests can enjoy it, we ask you to please observed the following rules:

Here are the rules for our " 'ool":

  • Hours for the pool generally are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. We reserve the right to close the pool early or open it late.
  • No diving. The pool is only between two and five feet deep.
  • Use the pool at your own risk. There is no lifeguard. Some lodge rooms are feet from the edge of the pool. Parents with children are responsible for supervising them around the pool. If you have children who don't swim, let us know so that we can place you in a more appropriate room.
  • Small children with uncertain potty-training histories can only go in the pool if they are wearing waterproof containment panties.
  • Children and teenagers fourteen and younger can only be in the pool if they are supervised by a responsible adult who remains on the pool deck or in the water for the entire duration of the swim.
  • The pool is only for guests of the High Mountain Lodge.
  • No glass containers in the pool, please.
  • Don't run around the pool.
  • Please keep the noise down at all times. There are guest rooms off the Atrium.
  • Dogs must be on a physical lead at all times in the Atrium. When the pool is covered, dogs think the surface is solid (it isn't). When the pool isn't covered, some dogs think it is ok for them to jump in (it isn't).
  • Please do not bring any food or drink into the Atrium.

And speaking of rules....

  • All the above rules also apply to the hot tub and the sauna in the Atrium, plus:
  • Do not get in the hot tub or sauna if you have consumed alcoholic beverages.
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